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Every Custom Design Piece Is One-of-a-Kind

Shawn Paul Jewelry recognizes the importance of sisterhood and that each member’s commitment to their chapter is distinctly unique.  As such, our sorority jewelry collection is crafted to reflect your chapter’s unique mission and values, with intention for sustaining lifelong memories. 

Whether you're looking to celebrate incoming members during Bid Day or recognizing your chapter’s Founder’s Day, our collection of bracelets, necklaces, and rings are suited to celebrate the special bonds of your sisterhood.

Beautiful Jewelry To Fit Your Lifestyle

If you're looking for a piece of handmade jewelry that will fit a modern sorority lifestyle while being timeless enough to rekindle fond memories for years after graduation, please fill out our contact form - we’d love to support you!

Shawn Paul Jewelry sorority designs are all proudly designed and hand crafted in the USA and each is upheld to official Affinity licensing standards.

Additionally, in recognition and gratitude for the philanthropic contributions made by sorority chapters nationwide, we founded the Legacy of Sisterhood Program, which donates 3% of any chapter order back to the chapter's philanthropic cause.